Virginia - CD 'And I Love Him'

CD "And I Love Him"

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Bassin' Street Blues   Killing me softly   Fever   Just the two of us   You make me feel like a natural woman


I had planned to record a CD for quite a long time, but the realization of it
took me only a few hours of playing in the studio, in two days. Irecorded 25 titles "live", as though
I were performing in concert. It was a few days with high level emotional enthusiasm. It was January, and so cold,
but I had a feeling of a fiery explosion - expressing all, giving and saying all I felt at that moment - experience, invention, love. I always have that feeling when I am performing, that I want to
give the audience all my energy, all my heart, all of me.
And if you listen to my CD, you know me.
After completion of the recording/mixing process, I realized that I could change some parts,
alter some small passages. I wanted to choose about 15 tracks for the final product. One month later, I picked up the phone in the morning, and I told Wolfgang (Manager of Merkton Studio in Germany, where I recorded the CD),
that I wanted to release my first CD with 20 titles. And as it is - "live" in the studio -
that's embodies intimacy and charm.

That's me. That's "And I Love Him".

Here I want to give my Thank's to:

My family - to my mommy, daddy and brother - they help me to grow as I am. They gave me all.
Thanks to Wolfgang, Hannes, Inge from Merkton Studio - for their belief patience and help.
Thank's to my teachers at the Music School, and the Music Academy - They gave me professional knowledge.
Thanks to all my friends.
Thanks to all the people who listen to my music, who understand me,
applaud me - giving me back that Love I have.

Thank's to You!



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