About me

Virginia has the music in her blood. Her grandfather was a well-known Solfeggio and music theory teacher. Her father (Iordan Kolev) is a successful instrumentalist, educator and composer.

Virginia was 6 years old when she struck a chord with her lifelong ambition. After having graduated from the Secondary School of Music in Sofia majoring in classical piano, Virginia studied piano and voice at the Bulgarian State Academy of Music (Pop and Jazz Department). She also studied electric organ, sound techniques, musical analysis, polyphony, orchestration, history of jazz, teaching methodology, conducting for orchestras of various sizes and, finally, Virginia studied musical psychology.During that time, she gatherd experience as a piano teacher and accompanist.

Virginia recorded 6 singles in Bulgaria, and performed as a pianist and singer at various concerts in Bulgaria and Russia.

After years of experience in classical as well as popular music, Virginia discovered her real, greatest love is for the jazz, blues, soul and R&B genres. She began performing at the hotels and Piano Bars in Europe.

With her collected experience, she eventually formed her own audience - captivating style, which ranges from fiery and emotional to cool and sophisticated. With remarkable playing technique as well as an expressive, warm voice, she plays piano and sings with perfect coordination as easily as if she were talking to you. And she is giving all her soul in that moment.

Thanks to her large repertoire, entertainment talent and engaging personality, Virginia is able to inspire loyalty in the audiences of the finest Piano Bar/Club Circuits in Switzerland and Germany. She also plays harmoniously in formations with other musicians. Although she is presently focused on her own compositions, Virginia is enjoying each and every opportunity to reach out and touch her fans.

In January 2000, in Germany, Virginia recorded her first CD - "And I Love Him" - "live" in the studio, something very familiar and, at the same time, filled with energy and inventive interpretation of celebrated jazz classics. This is yet another reason for this artist to be heard.